Day 10

You Are Steadfast

from the Psalms of Gratitude reading plan

Psalm 118:1-29

This passage is known as a “messianic Psalm,” meaning it speaks about the coming Messiah. Read it and see what parts seem to speak of Jesus.

Jesus quoted this Psalm three times: first, when He entered Jerusalem in Mark 11:9. Next, when speaking of how He would be rejected, He quoted verses 22-23 (Mark 12:10-11). And last, He referred to verse 27 when He said in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world.” This last reference is particularly potent, because verse 27 talks about binding the festal sacrifice to the horns of the altar. This is a reference to Jesus as the Lamb of God, and it is also the most striking image we have of God’s deliverance and steadfast love— the sacrifice of His Son.

This is a psalm of thanksgiving for the steadfast love of God that delivers us from trouble and keeps us in His care. Toward the beginning, the Psalm seems to have a particular occasion of deliverance in mind, the specifics of which are lost to history. But then the Psalm does what so many of these poems do— it moves from a specific situation to the unchanging, unfailing nature of God. This technique invites us, as the readers, to consider our own particular stories as we look at how the unchanging character of God has met us.

Consider your own personal experiences with God’s steadfast love and deliverance. Read the Psalm and see what the Holy Spirit calls to mind. From what have you been delivered? Where have you seen the steadfast love of the Lord present in your life?

The Lord has given us the light of His Son to shine upon our darkness. May we give thanks that our hope is anchored in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His faithful love endures forever” (vs. 29).

 written by Britton Sharp

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20 thoughts on "You Are Steadfast"

  1. Zac says:

    This sheds light on the Messianic character of Christ, and how God fulfilled His faithfulness through the sacrifice made for us. It shows how that sacrifice was made to deliver us to God, to restore the relationship as His people.

  2. Zac says:

    We need reminded often of what God has done for us. Much like the Psalmist, we need to pause often and reflect on what God has done and is doing in our lives.

  3. Zac says:

    By reflecting on the battles Christ has won in my life and opening my eyes to the unfailing nature of God’s salvation through reconciliation. By looking for ways God has been faithful I can find a better perspective on life and living for God.

  4. Zac says:

    God’s love is unchanging. As Christians we sometimes skip over the Old Testament, but it’s an important tool that shows the rhythm of Israel and God’s faithfulness to His people.

  5. Zac says:

    By asking God to open my heart to gratitude towards Him, and to show me how He is present in my life even through times I’ve taken for granted. I want to thank God for his faithfulness through sacrifice, and realize the amount of Grace that was given to make this relationship work.

  6. Kyle says:

    Cry to the Lord and have Him set me free from my bondage (sin)
    I can’t do it alone

  7. Kyle says:

    We stumble around in darkness

  8. Kyle says:

    He’s constant

  9. Kyle says:

    Jesus is the light!

  10. Slade M says:

    That the gospel shows foreshadowing of Jesus’s coming and sacrifice. That certain passages can mean two things.

  11. Slade M says:

    This teaches me that God has a steadfast love that endures forever. That he would send his only son to die on that cross for us.

  12. Slade M says:

    I will praise God for all his steadfast love he has given me, which is partly impossible because his love knows no bound.

  13. Slade M says:

    That man is doomed to failure. That if God didn’t send his son, that we would all be doomed to hell for our sins.

  14. Slade M says:

    I will pray that God would not leave me in this time of trouble that I am experiencing. That he would come around me and comfort me with his love and say “everything is going according to my plan for you” “do not fear, for I am with you and will not leave you”

  15. Kevin Cox says:

    -I need to try to see His faithful love as my refuge, defense, and strength. Bc it’s better I trust in His faithful love than anything else. And that’s easy to say, very hard to do.

  16. Kevin Cox says:

    The gospel is the climax of the Lord’s never stopping, faithful love. It is the ultimate demonstration of how His faithful love endures forever.

  17. Kevin Cox says:

    Lord help me to practically trust in Your faithful love

  18. Kevin Cox says:

    No matter my situation, no matter my trial, no matter what I face – God is a faithfully loving God. He is fiercely committed in love. Never giving up, never stopping, never ending love.

  19. StevSlursE says:

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