Day 1

You Are God

from the Psalms of Gratitude reading plan

Psalm 100

Psalm 100 is an invitation. It calls us to worship. Won’t you join in?

This Psalm is comprised of two parts. The first three verses would have been sung by pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. The last two verses would have been the response of those in the temple gates calling the travelers to come inside.

What, exactly, are we invited to do? The six imperatives that structure the Psalm tell us.

  1. Shout triumphantly to the Lord – I usually avoid shouting. So when I come across a command like this, I get a little uncomfortable. What does this really mean? The word used here means to sound an alarm. If there was a fire, we would certainly make sure to alert those around us. In this passage we are called to actively alert others to the significance of the Glory of the Lord.
  2. Serve the Lord with gladness – Worship is always a matter of the heart. A heart transformed by His grace is a heart that finds joy in serving Him.
  3. Come into His presence with singing – We are invited to let our gladness spill over into song. Singing is a way to verbalize our joy. Isn’t is amazing that God delights in music? Rather than cowering in shame before the Almighty, we are invited into His presence, rejoicing in the power of the gospel.
  4. Acknowledge that Yahweh is God – Here we are invited to humbly lay down our self-reliance and acknowledge the power and authority of God. We are invited to orient ourselves around the gospel of Jesus Christ, the perfect provision of Yahweh.
  5. Enter His gates – Next, we are called to move beyond ourselves and enter into something more, something greater. The people inside the temple walls would extend this call to those outside. The object of our worship, God, invites us to enter into His presence.
  6. Give thanks to Him – Thankfulness comes from awareness. If I am not thankful, it is most likely because I am unaware of what I have been given. When we give thanks to God, we contemplate His greatness. We see more of who He is and what He has done. The appropriate response here is gratitude.

Shout. Serve. Sing. Acknowledge. Enter. Give thanks. “Yahweh is good and His love is eternal; His faithfulness endures through all generations” (vs. 5).

This is the invitation. Will you join in?

written by Britton Sharp

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  1. Aitor de la Cámara says:

    Trusting in him
    Being thankful
    Be in peace and calm

  2. Melvin Canales says:

    God IS good. His love and faithfulness is relentless.

  3. Matt Piefer says:

    Man is prone to worship something. Whether it be ourselves or something else, something in our being calls out for us to give our time and attention. I need to realize what I worship and decided whether or nothing what I worship means anything at all.

  4. Matt Piefer says:

    God is welcoming for all people! We desires for all of his creation to join in communion with him. He desires for all of creation to sit at his table. No one is left unanswered.

  5. Matt Piefer says:

    The Gospel is a way that allows all of humanity to enter into his gates and see his goodness. By the manifestation of the Spirit inside of my thoughts, I’m able to realize what those things are that allow me to walk into his gates. It is only by Jesus that I am given the Spirit to understand these things.

  6. Matt Piefer says:

    I will respond by seeing his goodness in everything. By seeing his goodness, I’m able to shout and sing and worship out of joy because I know that he is good. He is far better than anything else that I could worship.

  7. Matt Piefer says:

    Jesus allow me to worship you instead of man. For I know that you are far greater than any other being on Earth or afar. Let me see your goodness as I walk throughout my days. Let me see your grace in every moment. Furthermore, let me see how you are working in every way in my life. Let me see the greater reason behind what you are doing now. Let me know what I am doing and what I can do to help the Kingdom effort. Finally, let all of these things be a flow of adoration for you. Let my joy overflow. And let my respond be worship to you, because you are worthy.

  8. Mathew Neville says:

    That He loves communal worship that is joyful and celebrates who He is.

  9. Mathew Neville says:

    That I can freely enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise.

  10. Mathew Neville says:

    That we need to remind ourselves to be thankful and glad in God.

  11. Mathew Neville says:

    You are good. I love being in your presence. I love your steadfast love for me that never changes.

  12. Mathew Neville says:

    I will make a conscious effort to enter His gates with praise and be bolder in my worship and prayer time.

  13. Jeremiah Nitz says:

    By simply joyfully obeying the inviting and happy commands of God in this Psalm. For even the Lord Jesus Christ said “If ye know these things, happy are ye, if ye do them.” (John 13:17)

  14. Jeremiah Nitz says:

    God is often the grand initiator in our heart. He is always inviting us in Scripture because we are missing Him and His desired goodness for us. There is a divine reason we should be joyfully serving and singing praise to Him.

  15. Jeremiah Nitz says:

    The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate reason for us to sing joyfully and serve God faithfully and with profound gladness in the face of adversity.

  16. Jeremiah Nitz says:

    We are united and invited by God Himself because of His goodness. We can sing joyfully because He is good. We can serve Him with gladness because of His infinite goodness. Nothing can change that. It is an affirmative statement. No question about it. “For the Lord is good..”

  17. Jeremiah Nitz says:

    By praying that I and those that I love would “ strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” (Eph. 6:10)

    Being strong in prayer with Him will produce a strong relationship outside of prayer and during the heat of battle.

  18. Jake says:

    That we are, in all things, to obey God. And take seriously the worship of him because of what he has done for us.

  19. Jake says:

    That God should be praised because of what he had done for us so we should shout and serve him.

  20. Jake says:

    This just shows me how worthy The Lord is to be praise. His steadfast love endures forever! The promise in that is incredible in the way that it both proves how we should worship and how worthy he really is because of it.

  21. Jake says:

    I need to work on shouting more. Be more bold. “May I be willing to trade a whisper of my name for a shout of His.”

  22. Jake says:

    For boldness. To shout and acknowledge. To humble myself before God.

  23. Jon C. says:

    Be thankful in all situations. Offer praise to God in all situations even when things seems to suck and be a struggle.

  24. Jon C. says:

    He’s invitational. He’s not part of an exclusive club but an inclusive club that only asks you to “shout serve sing acknowledge enter give thanks”

  25. Jon C. says:

    It is less about me and more about seeking God. Seeking God takes humility, something that isn’t always easy for us to do.

  26. Jon C. says:

    The gospel talks about “shouting (to the Lord throughout Psalms,), serving one another with kindness and love; singing praises to God with a joyful heart, acknowledging that Jesus is Lord and God is God, and we want to be like Him and need Him in our lives, therefore, we enter His gates with a grateful heart by giving thanks.” This is spoken throughout God’s word. If we call ourselves Christians, these aren’t new concepts.

  27. Jon C. says:

    With a thankful posture

  28. Andrew says:

    Not exactly sure. For myself this was a good reminder of Gods grace and my attitude in life. Which is honestly different than how I typically think. So if that’s the case maybe it teaches us to keep God at the forefront of everything that we do so that and that without him man can’t do it alone.

  29. Andrew says:

    That I need to read it more.

  30. Andrew says:

    That I should be thankful in all circumstances. But not just thankful I should rejoice in all circumstances but God has given me everything that I have.

  31. Andrew says:

    By taking time to thank God in every circumstance. By doing this this should help me stay more positive and help others see Christ through me.

  32. Andrew says:

    I will pray by giving thanks to start off my prayers.

  33. Howard K says:

    Man can get selfish and think that he is the creator and this is of course a huge misperceptions we need to understand. God is our creator and once we realize that in all we do we will live a life of confusion.

  34. Howard K says:

    God is the creator of all things and we should worship him al the times.

  35. Howard K says:

    Gospel proves God is our
    Creator and we should be thankful all the days of our life.

  36. Howard K says:

    Be thankful in everything i do to God who is the creator and maker of all things and without Him we are nothing.

  37. Howard K says:

    God thank you for creating me in your image and cast out the selfishness of my life that I am in control and relinquish that control to you Lord God Almighty Maker of Heaven and earth. I ask this in your Son’s name Jesus Christ. Amen.

  38. Trey Cortez says:

    This passage teaches more about the needs of man rather than his depravity. We need to worship God out loud and for all to hear and see. There is something about public profession that uplifts the worshiper and those around him.

  39. Trey Cortez says:

    These things aren’t new concepts of God’s character by any means but they are a reminder of who He is and what He’s done. When listing His qualities this passage places creator of all things right beside our covenant relationship with Him. It is remarkable that these two things can be said with such absolute confidence. The rest is just as amazing: that we can enter into His Kingdom not due to anything we’ve done deserves our deepest and heartfelt thanks!

  40. Trey Cortez says:

    I am encouraged by this passage. I am usually a muted and conservative worshipper. I will make an effort to be more demonstrative while worshipping out of my adoration and awe of the one true God that I worship.

  41. Trey Cortez says:

    There aren’t any direct references to the Gospel but there are indirect connections to be made. It is astounding that this same God has walked with is in the flesh and provided such easy entry into His Kingdom.

  42. Trey Cortez says:

    I will pray for conviction and diligence in worship. I will ask to be reminded of these things when I am tempted by sin.

  43. Bob_Ar says:

    That following God and living in this world it is not easy being a Christian. The idea of the expectation to constantly have to share your faith is scary.

  44. Bob_Ar says:

    That man is weak and man is not worthy of Gods love but we should always be thankful And praise….hmmm

  45. Bob_Ar says:

    I will try to put these teachings more involved in my everyday life.

  46. Bob_Ar says:

    That it is really old

  47. Bob_Ar says:

    The same I always do.

  48. Mike Moore says:

    In gratitude, in thankfulness. More of him and less of me.

  49. Mike Moore says:

    He is good. God is worthy of our worship.

  50. Mike Moore says:

    We are his beloved. His creation. We have a purpose to worship and praise God

  51. Mike Moore says:

    It’s his invitation to something more, something greater that only He can offer.

  52. Mike Moore says:

    To see His majesty. In singing and praise I thank our God for his provision, his power, his love and grace.

  53. Nicolai says:

    God fearing men will always do their best to express their love for God and be thankful for everything He does, for His grace and mercy, and for His unchangeable and eternal love for His creation. Our praise will never be enough, and we owe Him every second of thanks we can give Him. This also teach me that God fearing men’s passion to please God, to be right with Him, is like an unquenchable fire that never ends regardless of how many challenges we face.

  54. Nicolai says:

    This teach me that God is inviting me to His perfect presence, that He wants me to get rid of all my fears and anxiety and let Him fill me up with His perfect love. He wants me to rest in Him, trust Him and give thanks to Him for everything He does for me in every situation of my life with song and dance of joy.

  55. Grant Boatwright says:

    That I need to be aware of all God has done, is doing, and will do for me. That my relationship with him is possible and real. And that through this awareness and relationship I desire to worship him and make others aware of this wonderful gift as well.

  56. Grant Boatwright says:

    Lord give me the understanding of what I have been given and give me the joy in my soul to desire to share this with others. Give me thankfulness.

  57. Derek says:

    That God stays the same and is always faithful. Unlike my attitude sometimes, God is always constant and I need to look towards that.

  58. Derek says:

    That we cannot help but be thankful for what he has done for us. There are so many things that he doesn’t have to do and yet he gives grace in the midst of chaos of life

  59. Derek says:

    That Christ accepts me and everyone that I come into contact with. Everyone is invited to enter His gates with Thanksgiving. He is also always good and it never ends.

  60. daniel says:

    I think that accepting jesus teachings will helps us reach happiness, because by accepting jesus as our lord we all so have to thank him for all that he has done for us . To me it shows that God is asking us to be proud of him and thank him for giving us what we have because sometimes we dont always realize that what we have is a lot and that as long as we have him we will always have enough

  61. daniel says:

    That we are not always aware of our own situation. We dont realize how much god gives us and that by praising him and thanking him everyday we are giving sonething in return

  62. John Beck says:

    Dear father. Forgive me when I get caught up in the world and my own ceaseless needs and fail to see you for who you are – one who is worthy of prayer and praises shouted. How good it is to be your sheep and a recipient of your grace. How good you are to your church.

    Praise God forever.

  63. Will H says:

    That God is loving and always provide. It allows me to see that my joy comes from His love and that I should take every opportunity to share His love with others.

  64. Will H says:

    I will worship God. I will tell others of His great works, deeds and accomplishments in my life. I will be a Godly father to my children and be example of a Godly to my wife. I will live my life so others may see God in my life. I will show others how God can change your life. I will show others God’s love.

  65. Will H says:

    That Jesus came to rectify our sins. That God is forgiving and loving. It teaches me that even though we have done nothing to deserve grace and freedom, God has willingly given it to us without strings. That Jesus pretty much said here I am. Beat me. Swear at me. Hate me. Ignore me. Defy me. But I will still be here with arms wide open, waiting to welcome you.

  66. Will H says:

    That man is timid around emotion. I would love to shout from the roof and tell others of God’s love but think to much of how it is perceived, rather then that I’m doing is God’s work.

  67. Will H says:

    Prayer for me has always been a struggle. I need to continually work on my prayer life and my quiet time with God. I need to open the dialogue. I need to be open to reflection on how God is changing my life.

  68. Will says:

    I will try to be more aware of what God has blessed me with so that I can be more thankful. I want to enter his gates into his presence whenever I want to worship.

  69. Will says:

    God wants us to worship from the heart. He invites us into his presence to worship him. He is faithful and loving.

  70. Will says:

    Man cannot simply sing and call it worshipping but should worship from the heart and be thankful and aware of God’s gifts. This takes effort, it isn’t just given to us when we jump in on a worship service or open our bible.

  71. Will says:

    The Lord is good and his unfailing love continues forever.

  72. Will says:

    I will pray thanking God for his invitation into his presence, thank him for the Holy Spirit, and all he’s done for me. But I want to thank him specifically for each thing. I want to pray for my focus to be on him when I go to worship.

  73. Cameron Long says:

    God invites us into His presence. This shows how much God wants us. We are wholly corrupt beings not worth to even mention His name, yet He wants us to come into his presence with glee and shouting His name, even though we should be fearful of the consequences of our sin. Our God is a merciful God who loves us.

  74. Cameron Long says:

    I will shout out the Lord’s name and enter his presence with a joyful heart, rather than a heart of complacency. I will be thankful to God for all that He has done for me, even the little things. For if I cannot be thankful for the little things, how can He trust me with the big things.

  75. Cameron Long says:

    Man is seen worthy to praise God’s name, even though we are not. Man is redeemable in God’s eyes. Man is loved by God, and God wants man to be joyful in His presences.

  76. Cameron Long says:

    The Gospel is all the more reason to shout the glory of God’s name. We many times are ashamed to shout His name, but the fact that God sacrificed His own son, who had done nothing wrong, for the sake of those who hated Him is a love that will never be fathomed by mankind. We need to shout the good news at the top lungs, proclaiming the glory of God and what He has done for us unworthy people.

  77. Cameron Long says:

    I will pray with zeal and joy. I will be thankful for his undeserved gifts to me, for everything given to me is undeserved. I will enter into praise with an ecstatic heart, rather than a callous heart that has felt like I have done it so many times before. I will pray daily to be reminded of the zeal that I should have for the Lord and pray that I may never forget and grow complacent.

  78. Slade M says:

    That God loves us to sing and celebrate instead of coward before him. He loves our joy and praise to him. He invites us into his kingdom with praise.

  79. Slade M says:

    When times come that aren’t going my way and my world seems like it’s crashing down, I can run to psalms like these that will bring peace around me and through me.

  80. Slade M says:

    That the gospel is a place of hope and peace within us. When we think everything is crashing down on us, we can run to versus like these to remember that he is God and he is doing works inside and through you. That you shouldn’t worry but rejoice!

  81. Slade M says:

    That man was born to praise God. That man wasn’t suppose to just coward in front of God but rejoice at his name.

  82. Slade M says:

    I will pray with thankfulness, that we have a book like psalm that has these songs that I can learn and sing from.

  83. Nathan Garner says:

    We were created to worship God

  84. Nathan Garner says:

    That it is always right

  85. Nathan Garner says:

    Keep reading the word of God

  86. Nathan Garner says:

    That he wants us to love him

  87. Nathan Garner says:

    This is a hard one for me.

  88. Clay says:

    Man is not meant to live out his spiritual life alone. I think so many men, myself included, don’t have close brothers who actually know what’s going on with them.

  89. Clay says:

    Not sure yet.

  90. Clay says:

    I think I sometimes get too caught up in the idea that we all have a right to worship in a way that is consistent with our personality. But this passage stretches me to worship in a way that I’ve frankly never worshiped in years.

  91. Clay says:

    The gospel is full of joy. Joyfullness is the proper response to truly understanding the gospel. When I’m not joyful I begin to worry that I’ve been desensitized to the magnitude of the implications of the gospel.

  92. Rob Wolpert says:

    God is good and He truly loves us more than we imagine. As Christians, we hear this a lot, but it is not often that we look for examples of His love. I was reading John 11 this morning, where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knew He could raise him, yet he was “deeply moved” and “troubled” by Mary and Martha’s sadness. So much so that He wept. He felt their sadness, though He knew His power. God doesn’t look at our sadness as weakness, but feels it with us.

  93. Rob Wolpert says:

    I take things for granted. I don’t realize what I have until I see what others don’t have. How blinded would I be to this without TV, Internet, or traveling friends? How did people before this technology know of the many things God has given them? Maybe they knew because they placed a significant amount of their reflection with the Lord on what He had given them. I’m blessed to have a budget, groceries, a car, and education. But, I don’t think about that everyday. For me, I think I need to emphasis more time on thanksgiving during morning prayers, praying during the day, and talking to my wife before bed about the blessings we have.

  94. Rob Wolpert says:

    Man’s pride is sneaky. We do not realize how much pride we have until it comes time to worship God. As the 6 points noted, we don’t like to shout. It makes us uncomfortable (at least for many of us). I really cringe at the idea of going to a corner and shouting how good God is. But that is not the point. I cringe at the idea of telling non-Christian friends about how good Jesus is sometimes. What am I afraid of? What bad things could possibly happen? But I feel these because of my pride. Jesus is the water that will never cause us to thirst again. Shouldn’t we share it?

  95. Rob Wolpert says:

    The good news is that God’s gates are open. Even before Jesus, this Psalm points out that we can enter His gates with thanksgiving. God is good and His love is forever. It did not begin with Jesus, but the Son of Man gave us access to God’s love even further.

  96. Rob Wolpert says:

    I don’t need to change fundamentals here. Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer for a reason. When I first became a believer, I was told to pray through ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. I pray like this in the morning, but I think it will be fruitful for me to thank God for things He has given me before every prayer. And I mean really think about it. Don’t recite some mindless jargon I always say before a prayer, but actually think about what I am saying as I am praying.

  97. Julian says:

    That his teachings are true and that our actions will reflect this.

    Could use some help to have more clarity to this question.

  98. Julian says:

    As God’s people we need to be more aware of what is going on so that we can be thankful towards others. Let us get off out phones for a bit to be a part of this beautiful world that he has created for us

  99. Arnaldo says:

    Dad, help. I don’t feel thankful. I want more and yet… In frustrated with myself, with my circumstances, and with you. But I know you are the only source of life and hope; to whom shall we go Lord? For you have the words of life. But I don’t feel this life often or maybe I am expecting to experience the wrong things. Listen. Help. See. I’m desperate to be seen. Let me hear that word again: You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Let me heart taste that. Please.

  100. Daniel says:

    Lord, guide me in the way everlasting. Help me see more and more your awesome deeds so that I may adore you.

  101. Frank Honess says:

    That we have so much to be thankful for in the sacrifice of Jesus – His birth, death, and resurrection. We should have joy because we are sons and daughters of God.

  102. Frank Honess says:

    That He is not only my Creator but that He is good and faithful and loves me eternally. He should be the ultimate object of my affection because I’m the ultimate object of His affection. He loves me that much!

  103. Frank Honess says:

    By being joyful and remembering the things that matter most. By being thankful even when things aren’t exactly the way I think they should be. Because He’s given me so much.

  104. Frank Honess says:

    Man can worship so many other things and try to find his fulfillment in everything but God but we were made and created ONLY for His love.

  105. Frank Honess says:

    For my heart to really be radically changed by this Psalm. To be a living manifestation of these words in Psalm 100.

  106. Kevin Cox says:

    -think about who it is that I’m worshipping. When I first read this I was all focused on the actions we are supposed to have rather than the God who deserves these actions of worship.

  107. Kevin Cox says:

    The Lord is good, faithfulness through all generations. The Lord is a father and wants to shepherd. He wants us to praise Him with happy hearts in him.

  108. Kevin Cox says:

    Man is to respond to the goodness of God with shouts, praise, thanks, celebration!

  109. Kevin Cox says:

    Lord help me to see you as the ever faithful one.

  110. Kevin Cox says:

    The gospel gives us joy in our hearts so we can praise

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