Psalms of Gratitude

Day 8: You Have Made Your Victory Known

Psalm 98:1-9

This Psalm calls us to praise God, to make a joyful noise before our King. Without a doubt, there are countless reasons to praise Him. We see 3 of these in the first 3 verses of the Psalm:

He has done marvelous things (v. 1).
He has made known His salvation to the nations (v. 2).
He has never forgotten His steadfast love and faithfulness (v. 3).

These are all great reasons to break into joyous song. But the psalmist lists another, less obvious reason for shouting with joy: “for the Lord comes to judge the earth” (v. 9).

Judgment is not something we often sing about. It tends to bring conviction and discomfort. But according to Scripture, the Lord’s judgment should cause us, with all of creation, to clap our hands, bring together instruments, and make a triumphant melody.

Why should we react in such a counter-intuitive way? Because God has indeed remembered His steadfast love and faithfulness to Israel in the person of Jesus Christ (v. 3). Jesus, in His faithfulness, died for us, the consistently unfaithful. Jesus, in His steadfast love, died for us who waver in our love.

Because Jesus justified us by His blood, we can rejoice in the judgment of the earth. Because of Jesus’ steadfast love and faithfulness, we are, through faith in Him, declared righteous before God.

And so we sing. Because we have a deep joy and an eternal right standing before God, we break forth into a new song.

We make joyful noises with all of creation. We sing for the marvelous things He’s done, for the wonders He’s performed. We shout that He’s made the victory of His salvation known to all the nations. We rejoice that He will judge the world righteously. On that day—by grace alone — we will stand forgiven, covered in Christ’s righteousness.

May we sing a new song.

written by Billy Jack Brawner