In the Image of God: Discipline


Scripture. Prayer. Worship. Fasting. For centuries, these activities have been known to the church as “spiritual disciplines.” Spiritual disciplines are habits or activities Christians actively engage with in order to worship God and mature in their relationship with Him.

These particular “disciplines” reflect the greater principle that spiritual growth does not simply “just happen” for the Christian. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we participate in the process by personally engaging these means of spiritual growth the Lord has given us as we follow the example of Christ.

In this installment of the “In The Image of God” series, we will look at the spiritual discipline Jesus displayed during His earthly ministry as He yielded Himself to the will of His father for the sake of our redemption. By engaging in Scripture, we will examine four qualities of spiritual discipline modeled by Jesus: stewardship, devotion, practice, and honoring boundaries.

Please don’t let this series become a burden on your soul. Many of us have been hurt by legalism masquerading as discipline. That is not our heart here. This study is meant to help us explore the traits of healthy spiritual discipline as displayed in the life of Jesus, and then consider how we might apply those traits to our own lives as we grow in His grace. We do so only by the power and provision of the Holy Spirit and in the freedom and grace of the gospel.

Join us as we follow Christ together in the art of spiritual discipline.